Five Reasons Kids, Parents and Educators Love Think-ets!

They’re Fun: You can use Think-ets to play an endless variety of games. We’ve come up with ten. See how many more you can invent!

They’re Portable: Take Think-ets along to restaurants, waiting rooms, the playground, in the car, on camping trips, or wherever you go!

They’re Brainy: Playing with Think-ets will even exercise your brain while you’re having fun. The games can actually improve your focus, thinking skills, and creative imagination. Thinkets trinkets have been specially selected, and each game contains all the elements necessary for storytelling and creative fun.

They’re Collectible: Each little bag contains a slightly different and awesome assortment of tiny objects from around the world. No two games are exactly alike! Kids will love to collect them, organize them, and even trade them.

They Keep Boredom Away: Kids and families need fun games to play when in need of a quick little activity or when they want to ignite the imagination. Bring them along wherever you go—you’ll never be bored with Think-ets.

Think-ets are ideal for:

  • elementary school counselors
  • special education teachers
  • camp counselors
  • art and vision therapists
  • senior citizen activity coordinators

Why? Because the games you’ll play with Think-ets encourage cognitive development and “neuroplasticity,” improve memory, and foster interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence.

You can play Think-ets with your family, friends and neighbors. Or, you can just collect ‘em, stack ‘em, arrange ‘em ... whatever you like! You’ll love Think-ets so much you’ll want to collect all of the pouches—each with a different assortment of tiny trinkets. No two games are alike!

Note to kids and parents: All our products have been independently tested for lead safety.

"My family and I have had some rollicking good times playing Think-ets. It's a terrific game for both sides of the brain!"
–Daniel H. Pink, author of A WHOLE NEW MIND

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