For Kids!

Have you played with your Think-ets in any unexpected places, or made up your own game?

Well, we have the contest for you! Each month, we’ll highlight someone playing Think-ets in an unusual place—like at Disneyworld, or at Yellowstone National Park, or in a foreign country, or at a revolving restaurant high above Las Vegas (that’s what Randy and his daughter Meryl did!).

OR, we'll feature a new great Think-ets game!

So find a great place to play Think-ets, take a picture of you and your family or friends playing it, and simply send it in with your names and address to:

Think-a-lot Toys-Contest Entry
1600 Zamia Avenue
Boulder, CO 80304

Or email it to:

If we choose your picture or your game (be sure to send a picture along with instructions on how to play the game), we’ll send you a free special trinket!

You can enter once per month as many months as you like.

Be sure to put your parents’ or guardian’s name and phone number so we can contact an adult. That’s really important!

You can also send it to us by email at:

Good luck. We hope to hear from you!

Also, keep checking out our website for more and interesting new trinkets to add to your collection. We’ll continue to search the world over looking for new things to keep your game and stories interesting!

And remember, be kind, be creative, and honor your parents.

Playing Think-ets at Picazzo's in Sedona, Arizona
"The picture [above] is of my son-in-law and his son at Picazzo's in Sedona. We were there for a family Christmas vacation (4 generations including my father-in-law!). We use Think-ets now all the time at restaurants for keeping Sam (in the picture) and his 2.5-year-old sister Serafina engaged.

My daughter found Think-ets at Whiz Kids in San Luis Obispo, CA. Tracy's a stay-at-home Mom, and between her and my wife (2nd grade teacher), they manage to find the neatest stuff for kids."

-Jamie, California

Playing Think-ets at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair
Playing Think-ets at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair