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Here is our complete collection of “toys and games that make you think.”

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Eductaional toys, imagination games, storytelling

The delightful “tiny trinket game of imaginative play”! Great for family play and on-the-go fun.

Think-ets is an amazing little travel game for creative storytelling and many other easy-to-learn games. Take 15 tiny treasures from all over the world and use them 10 different ways, including for hilarious storytelling, mind-bending memory games and even a challenging strategy game.  Think-ets is ideal for home, restaurants, waiting rooms or pool-sides. Collect all four different color pouches since each pouch has a different set of trinkets.

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Think-ets Party Games Edition Think-ets Party Games Edition

It’s Party-time! The latest Think-ets game from Think-a-lot Toys is like having a “party-in-a-pouch”™. This edition of our award-winning Think-ets game is geared for adults, teens and college kids who want their own, slightly more sophisticated version of the game. Well, some might call it sophisticated to play the game at a picnic, a bar, or a houseboat and get silly with stories, throw objects into glasses, or try to come up with categories, rhymes and names in speedy fashion.

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Eductaional toys, imagination games, storytelling

Think-ets Special Collections
The delightful “tiny trinket game of imaginative play” with a theme!

Think-ets Collections are for beach lovers and sports fans. Kids will love the cool, themed trinkets and will want to tell lots of great stories. Each game has 15 miniature trinkets from around the world and the same instruction booklet as Think-ets Original, with 10 different games to play, all housed in an ocean blue (Beach) or orange (Sports) mesh pouch. Now kids can have their own Think-ets game with atheir favorite themes including winter Holiday Think-ets and Easter Think-ets (available seasonally)!

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Eductaional toys, imagination games, storytelling

Think-ets Genius
The challenging, multi-purpose imagination game in a tin! Take your creative skills to the next level.

Think-ets Genius is a more challenging version of the award-winning Think-ets game packed with creative storytelling games and clever word games. Packaged in a colorful tin, it has 11 new games and 15 new miniature items from around the world. Use the trinkets to tell a “Surprise Story,” a “Time Warp Story” or an “Interrupted Story” based on the antics of improvisational theater. Or use them to play word games like, “Name That Word,” “Ghost,” or “Killer Mouse.” Open the tin and become a genius. [Learn more & order]

Eductaional toys, imagination games, storytelling

Think-ets Deluxe Pack
The expanded version of Think-ets for larger stories and larger imaginations!

Think-ets Deluxe is the larger version of the award-winning Think-ets game and comes with 30 tiny trinkets and a larger mesh pouch for carrying the tiny trinkets. Play “What’s Your Story?” or test your memory with even more trinkets. Super-creative fun—and it even comes with a special tray with a place for each little trinket. More trinkets means more fun. [Learn more & order]

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Educational Toys

Think-ets Teacher Edition
The incredible classroom tool for educators of all types

Think-ets Teacher Edition is the eye-catching game and classroom tool for teaching writing, grammar, speech. Use the tiny trinkets as writing prompts, language warm-ups, speech recognition and for getting-to-know-you activities. Kids open up when they see and feel Think-ets trinkets. You can be there when it happens. Designed for regular classroom teachers, ESL teachers, speech therapists, social workers, school psychologists, and team trainers. [Learn more & order]

Card Games for Kids

StoryPlay Card Set
The beautifully illustrated storytelling and playing card game for the whole family

StoryPlay Cards is an amazing deck of storytelling and playing cards that works like a playing card deck for the right side of the brain. Deal cards to each person and start telling a story. Play classic card games like Spoons, Match Up, Battle and Concentration. Use the cards to start conversations about what matters. With 90 beautifully illustrated cards and more than a dozen different ways to play with the cards, you’ll be amazed at what these cards can do. [Learn more & order]

Learn to spell game, storytelling game

Story Speller
A learn to spell game and beginning storytelling game where you learn to tell and spell your very own story

Story Speller™ is the fun and beginning storytelling game that everyone can play. Fill a storyboard with your favorite story element cards, choose your hero or heroine, and learn to tell and spell your very own storybook tales! The story element card categories include: Friends and Foes, Locations, Treasures, Objects and Obstacles, Vehicles, and Actions. Who knows what will unfold? Will an asteroid hit Earth causing tarantulas to run wild? Will the Pirate go diving in the moonlight to find the hidden egg? Each story is different and encourages children to develop their imagination and creativity as well as sequential thinking and language skills. [Learn more & order]

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Tarot set for personal reflection and insight

The Insight Story™ Card & Book Set
The exquisite card set of symbolic images for personal reflection and insight

The Insight Story Card & Book Set is a wondrous deck of 88 symbolic images from our world that can be used for personal insight and self-awareness. Pick a card at random or one that you are attracted to and find out the meaning it has for you—or what you have for it! Each card comes with a detailed description of its symbolism and a question or comment for you to ponder. [Learn more & order]

Tarot guidebook for personal reflection & insight

The Insight Story™ Guidebook
Description of symbolic images for personal reflection and insight

The accompanying guidebook to The Insight Story Card Set. It is sold separately for those who purchase our StoryPlay Cards but want deeper descriptions of the symbolism behind each of the cards along with ways to use the cards for personal exploration and daily or weekly reflection. [Learn more & order]